Benefits of your own travel concierge!

Once thought to be a luxury only accessible to bespoke clients,  now with the new norm, time starved leisure and business travellers are turning to us to assist them with their holidays & corporate bookings and meeting planning. And why not, as time spent over researching for a short holiday, a suitable hotel takes up hours. Time which could be better utilised for a much needed Me-Time or used in Monetising for this trip. Here are the whys that having your own travel concierge has it's benefits. 

Benefit #1 :  Real deals sourced directly.

The rates in our packages are sourced and negotiated directly with the hotels and tourism partners. Values adds are negotiated, benefiting to our clients. Our  business relationships built upon for more than a decade, through promising numbers and countless travellers. No 3rd party deals, all directly booked through The Traveller Malaysia. 

Benefit #2 : We listen and match your needs.

Bear with us, as we ask a lot of questions first. As we systematically ask the questions, this helps us match the travel experiences to your needs. After this, most of our clients is known to just drop us a Whatsapp message on when and where they want to go.

Through the countless years developing products for our clients, our travel designers are known to pull out multiple travel experiences.

Benefit #3 : Supporting the tourism eco-system.

Our passion is that the Malaysian tourism eco-system thrive and multiply. For homegrown attractions or guides with original authentic stories, but not a platform, we connect to build an eco-system together. Together as the tourism eco-system, we can thrive and grow. A place for all to prosper and flourish. 

The travel experiences that you see you see on this site are trending collections of what our regular book. For other tailormade collections for your own leisure travel, or for company incentive trips and meetings, do get in touch with us -  or just a whatsapp away : +60 19-202 3877