About Us


We are a Malaysian boutique destination management company, tailoring authentic travel experiences for our clients domestically and internationally.

We are inspired to curate unique and memorable travel experiences for our clients through our vast experiences and direct connectivity with our tourism & hospitality partners. 

Since our humble beginnings in 2008, in the process, we create jobs and meaningful opportunities across the tourism industry. From our office team to our coach captains and tour guides, or even our network of hotels, theme parks, local attractions, restaurants, convention centres, tour operators and nature parks, we are all part of a vibrant travel ecosystem.

We are also present regionally in Singapore and Indonesia. 


Our travel designers are trained and experienced. We put great effort in sourcing and building relationships with our tourism partners. We know where the best deals are, and carefully curate our hotels or travel packages. We do all the research, negotiations and ground work to bring you the best value and experiences.

Through the years, we have done countless hotel inspections across Malaysia, from rooms to ballrooms, as well as event venues and restaurants. Even right now, we are working closely with Tourism Malaysia , the various state tourism boards, MATTA, MYCEB & PCEB to support our domestic travel industry.


We see ourselves as your travel concierge, not an online room booking system or a voucher printer. While it is easy for things to be automated, we put great thought and effort behind every booking and package. We are a human voice you can speak to as we help arrange the A-to-Zs for all your travel needs.

We partner with reputable wholesalers, retailers, MICE agencies, event management companies, and wedding planners, providing our bespoke services for all aspects of travel in Malaysia. They include hotel and ticket bookings, on ground transport, itinerary design, negotiations, personalised experiences and much more.


Our travel designers’ journeys has been interesting. We do not just arrange a hotel room package or tour, but we create personal travel experiences in your journey. A grandfather who wanted to spend quality time with his family after the lockdown, so we planned an exciting themed holiday, beyond the hotel and theme park bookings. A marriage proposal in a romantic resort including the room decor, a doctor too busy to plan for her holiday, entrusted us with just the dates for travel. In Kuala Terengganu, we created a gastronomy package trail for an expatriate new to the region, showcasing the amazing food trails in the East Coast town. Another overseas client depended on us to arrange her mother’s 70th birthday celebration at a local resort, down to the restaurant menu and wine selection. You can count on us to take care of everything.


We continue to work hard and pour our passion into our purpose. We hope to make it to the other side with our heads held high and hearts full. With your support, we can help the Malaysian tourism industry recover and be glorious once more.

We are always excited to help you plan your travel experience or assist in your travel needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if it’s just to say hello. In the meantime, let’s dream about your next local escape.